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AWS pages with dark-theme feature

Have you tried the AWS dark theme feature with cookie named awsc-color-theme?

Still a work in progress from AWS but looks pretty good already, and if you prefer darker pages, I think you will like this tip.

To try this feature, on your browser do the following:

Open the browser Developer-Tools (right-click then Inspect, or F12 or fn+F12 for MacOS),
go to Application, then Storage, then Cookies, choose the available cookie.

At the end of the list that open, double click after the last row to create a new cookie entry.

In this new cookie entry

add the "Name" as awsc-color-theme ← !! "awsc-", not just "aws-"

add "Value" as dark,

and finally "Path" as

Then refresh the page.

creating the awsc-color-theme cookie entry

awsc-color-theme, dark,


before the awsc-color-theme cookie entry


after the awsc-color-theme cookie entry



First I found about this feature was from barney_parker,

then found it in here

Happy learning!

Antonio Feijao UK