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Docker images and containers start with basic and bonus advanced security Docker logo

Sample basic command for Docker containers and images

docker --help - list the help options for docker command

docker run --help - list the help option for docker run command

docker images - list your local docker images

docker ps - list local running docker containers

docker ps -a - list local running OR stopped docker containers

docker rm f66ae9b25d96 - remove docker container with ID f66ae9b25d96

docker run --rm centos:7 tail -f /dev/null - runs a docker container from image centos:7, keeps container running with tail -f /dev/null command

docker exec -it 513ee56fde09 /bin/sh - interactive shell on the container that is running

docker exec -it -u root 8891619cbcf0 /bin/sh - interactive shell with sudo privileges (NOT RECOMMENDED, security risk)

docker kill 513ee56fde09 - kill (stops) the docker container that was running

docker run ubuntu - runs a docker container with version ubuntu. It will download the docker image ubuntu:latest from docker-hub if it does not find it locally in the machine.

docker pull amazonlinux - updates the local docker images named `

docker commit 3808b8454239 centos-suresh:v01 - save current container with a image, which you can run more containers after


Bonus advanced security with Docker containers and images




Happy learning

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